Honeycomb Stand

Honeycomb Stand (4)

  • Honeycomb Frame

    We have partnered up with out friends from Bee One Third to be able to supply you with the highest quality honeycomb frames in the market. Their A-grade comb honey is selected for its purity, colour, flavour & most importantly, its virgin wax grade (1st cycle through the hive), ensuring the softest, most delectable mouth-feel for when you pair this premium product with any range of delicious accompaniments.
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    Honeycomb Dispenser Stainless Steel

    Bring honey theatre to your restaurant, or buffet, dispensing raw honey using a unique Honey comb stand designed to hold a complete honeycomb in its frame, straight from the bee hive. High quality food grade stainless steel, designed to firmly hold a frame of any depth for use in food service.
  • Honeycomb Stand Stainless Steel

    Honeycomb Stand is fully adjustable width and height. Makes a dramatic centrepiece at the breakfast buffet, or banqueting events, allowing guests to serve themselves from the comb. Honeycomb, a boutique industry in Australia, needs a high-quality stand to dispense.  You can choose to use with a drip dish or take advantage of the stainless steel stand.  Holds all frames.