Browse our wide range of disposable products including: food containers, disposable cutlery, paper bags, picks and skewers and wax food paper. In our consumables range you will find all our disposable food packaging and presentation solutions. Delight your customers with stylish, convenient and eco-friendly food presentation solutions. Put sustainability in your customer’s hands with elegant and functional food packaging and serving solutions. Our consumables range has it all. This range of disposable food packaging and presentation products represents sustainability, strength, and superior quality. Made from biodegradable, highly renewable resources such as Bamboo a plentiful non-timber material reduce landfill, plastic pollution and greenhouse gases. There has been a great increase in demand for takeaway meals and food delivery services, therefore it is important to find the right food packaging products to serve your food. Our range of consumables features hundreds of products, designed to help you present your takeaway food with style and quality. Do not settle for Styrofoam or cheap plastic containers. Create a long term strategy and present your food in great looking food containers, which not only look good, but are responsible with the environment. At Top Shelf Concepts we think about your convenience, that is why we offer same day dispatch. Receive your food serving solutions in less than three days, as all our consumable products are in stock in Australia. Don’t wait any longer and take your food presentation to the next level. With our range of consumable solutions will help you impress your customers, it doesn’t matter if you offer in house dining or takeaway meals. Find all your consumables, disposables and takeaway food containers and serving solutions here.

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