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  • Newspaper Wax Food Paper Pocket / Open Bag

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    A grab-and-go solution for your burgers and sandwiches, this Newspaper Wax Food Paper Pocket / Open Bag  Opens 2 Sides is grease resistant, providing a mess and oil-free eating experience to your patrons. It’s freezer-safe, microwavable, and recyclable. Street Eats!  These handy heroes are the solution!  Quick, convenient, affordable and innovative meals, with as little mess as possible! Be inspired by these adventurous grab-and-go street eat food presentation seen as food pockets. These Wax Food Pockets are impermeable to oil and grease, making them the ideal choice for takeaway food.  The greaseproof lining allows the food to breathe, steaming off excess moisture to keep food fresh. Customers can eat whilst walking around, with this pocket bag.  There are two open sides ready to eat, and catch the drips, and excess food! ( not on clothes!) Ideal for presenting burgers and pub style foods Compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Newsprint Chip n’ Dip Cardboard Cones

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    Keep your food presentation fresh and current with this chip n dip cones!  These sturdy cardboard cones feature a Built In Dipping Sauce Compartment,  making it perfect for street food dining.  It can hold your French fries, chips, and other fried foods with an innovative fixed sauce cup on the side. Three convenient  sizes:
    • Small is 11x8cm
    • Medium is 25x15cm
    • Large is 32.5x19.5cm
    Putting tastier profits in your pocket with these Newsprint Chip n' Dip Cardboard Cones Make sure your business benefits from the latest trend in food presentation!  This is an exciting new way to serve finger food – easier and tidier than ever before. These high quality, pre-folded cardboard cones are sturdy enough to hold fish & chips, calamari, wedges, or healthier options like sweet potato fries,. In fact, just about any bite size appetisers you can imagine will look great.  Unleash your hors d’oeuvre originality! Three convenient sizes, to provide for a meal size , snack and canape.  Ideal to keep fish and chips nice and fresh, not going soggy with the tartare sauce separate.  No need for plastic containers with these cost effective food cones.  
  • Acrylic Cone Holder With Square Holes for Chip ‘n’ Dip Cones

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    ACYLIC CONE/SHOT GLASS HOLDERS Simple serving and dispensing for your functions, Cocktail and Buffet Events place your pine food cones in the holder (you can use for waffle cones)….Serve then dispense!  Impress Everyone!  Sweet or Savoury – let your imagination fill these cones! Your guests can pick up a cone and walk around…nibbling! Effective for passed trays, for front and back of house use.