Our exclusive range of food presentation products has a solution for every business.

With more than 15 years experience in the industry, we have products to take your food to the next level. Find cheese platters, deli boards, salad bowls, outdoors serving solutions, and dessert essentials. Because people eat with their eyes, make sure your food looks outstanding. If food styling, food serving and food decoration is important to you, you should look through our flagship range of food presentation products. Add an elegant and delicious finish to any meal, with this product range the possibilities are endless. This range of food presentation products brings aesthetic appeal to any meal. Most of the products of this range are made from highly durable melamine or resin hence their refined look and lightweight structure. Melamine and resin are hygienic, avoid bacteria growing. This range boards, bowls and platters is lightweight, dishwasher safe, hygienic, easy to carry and aesthetically beautiful. Help your staff to carry food around with these lightweight food serving options. All our platters and bowls have non slip feet for your convenience and comfort, helping you to avoid accidents. Our melamine boards are a great substitute to wooden platters and 10 times more hygienic as bacteria won’t develop. Our wide range of bowls and resin bowls are great for delis or supermarkets, presenting salads or meat has never been easier. Food presentation matters, make your food look tastier, enhance your value perception and increase your profits. In addition to the aesthetic looks you will love the great price of these boards, bowls and platters. Suitable for any budget.

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