Discover our wide range of hand sanitiser dispensers.

Various models and colours available. These hand sanitiser dispensers are perfect for communal areas, workplaces or venues with high foot traffic. Convenient, sturdy, stylish and durable this range of sanitiser dispensers are a great investment. Keep your customers and staff safe by providing them with hand sanitiser when they visit your venue. All our dispensers are refillable. Save money and reduce plastic waste. Decide between using them with gel or spray sanitisers, change the modality instantly. There is no need to touch the dispensers because they include an auto-sensor or are pedal activated. Keep viruses and bacteria away and avoid the risk of someone getting sick at your venue. If you are looking for a long term solution then these dispensers are for you! We ship Australia wide on the same day for your convenience.

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  • Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with Bottle Shelf Unit Storage

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with Bottle Shelf Unit Storage Perfect for all public space entry ways.  Complete with acrylic drip tray, its the best choice for your venue that achieves a consistent and reliable dosing of hand sanitiser which means you avoid risk of slipping on the floor! Refillable cannister – (no need to buy sanitiser bladders)
  • Pedal Activated Sanitiser Dispenser Metal White

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    AVAILABLE IN WHITE AND GREY Its pedal command avoids getting hand contaminated. (patented) doesn't need installing. It's stable on its own, is vandal-proof, and very sturdy. It can also be fixed to the ground.
    • Touch-free – no contact with hands
    • Rust-resistant coated base, all powder coated.
    • 100% mechanical, Metal.
    • Durable and Robust – Metal
    • No installation required.
  • Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Pedal Activated Stainless Steel

    Rated 0 out of 5
    It's pedal command avoids getting hand contaminated.
    • Touch-free – no contact with hands
    • 100% mechanical, Stainless Steel
    • Durable and Robust
    • No installation required.
    • Vandal proof - screw onto the floor
  • Freestanding Auto Sensor Hand Sanitiser Spray on Stand

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    HAND SANITISER DISPENSER INCLUDED- Suitable for gel or spray. Ensuring a Superior Guest Experience is going to be taken a step further when we come out of lock down and get guests coming back through your hotel, restaurant, and cafe doors. One of those ways is ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of your team and guests. Providing hand sanitiser will be the "new norm" and will be expected in many places to ensure accessibility to your guests around common touch points. But there is no reason why they can't be stylish and hassle free. Check our new hand sanitiser stations. They are stylish, free standing and are hands free. How are you planning on making this simple but important facility available to your guests? Want them customized in a special colour? or with your logo? please reach out, we can help. Available in Black and White
  • TopSan Bollard Sanitiser Gel (5x1L bottles. 1 x pump)

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    These special pump bottles perfect for the pedal activated hand sanitiser dispenser.  Purchase with your stand, or re-order more. The best way to purchase the refillable TopSan Bollard Sanitiser Gel (5x1L bottles. 1 x pump) for the Pedal Activated Sanitiser Dispensers! The sanitiser dispensers are screwed into the ground and the Sanitiser bottle is locked so no theft of sanitiser when its scarce,simple, fully mechanical.  Avoid risk of contamination with this touchless sanitiser stand. Made in Australia The stand is fast and easy to assemble. It is suitable as an independent stand or can be fixed to the ground and is robust and vandal proof.  
  • Wall Mounted Dispenser

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    Mount this Wall Mounted Dispenser to provide a safe environment at every entry point of your premises.  This sanitiser dispenser saves on plastic, as it has a Refillable cannister – (no need to buy sanitiser bladders).

    Ideal for hotels, gyms, retail stores, cafe, restaurant and much more!
    • Suitable for Gel or Spray.
    • Hygienic battery-operated hand sanitiser dispenser wall mounted- ideal for entrances, communal areas, washrooms, etc.
    • Easy to clean and maintain.
    • Capacity: 1000ml  (1,000 shots of sanitising spray).