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  • Hand Sanitiser Gel 5 L

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    Hand Sanitiser Gel. 65% Ethyl Alcohol
  • Hand Sanitiser 70% Ethyl Alcohol 5 Litre

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    5 Litres BENEFITS OF HAND SANITISER SPRAY DRY YOUR HANDS FASTER AND CLEANER Hand sanitiser sprays are absorbed much faster than traditional hand sanitiser gels. The TopSan range prevent hands from drying out, being made with a plant-derived glycerine and they don’t contain thick additives that leave your hands greasy or sticky after use. GOES FURTHER A hand sanitiser spray is more economical than a gel to use.  We have done the math!    Uses less volume per application than a sanitiser gel, meaning a 250mL bottle will last a lot longer. Where a 250mL gel will yield 100 hand washes, a 250mL spray will yield up to 400 hand washes. MORE VERSATILE Whilst hand sanitiser gels can only be used on your hands, sanitiser sprays can be used to disinfect surfaces such as light switches, lift buttons, shopping trolleys, door handles, your mobile phone, computer keyboard, car steering wheel, machinery or even the elbow you cough into! BETTER FOR SKIN TopSan instant hand sanitiser has no hidden nasties and is pleasant clean smelling, naturally better for your skin. KILLS GERMS instant hand sanitiser kills germs without water. Contains 80% ethanol.
  • Anti Bac Hand Sanitiser TopStyle Bulk + Spray

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    This non-alcohol-based Hand sanitiser active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride.  It works as an antiseptic by chemically reacting with a microbial. For example, it reacts with the DNA in bacteria. This reaction disrupts the structure of the DNA within the bacteria cell, which causes failure to thrive for the bacteria and results in the death of the bacteria cell.  Authorities such as FDA confirms that the Time Kill Studies conducted on an active ingredient (such as BZK/BAC…or alcohol) meet and exceed their satisfaction. Advantages of BZK\BAC-based Hand Sanitiser
    1. Non-Flammable
    2. No special shipping \ storage requirements
    3. No Skin irritation.  Strips hands of natural oils, causing drying, splitting & cracking –won’t sting.   Alcohol based can diminish the skin’s ability to act as a barrier to microbials and pathogens.
    4. Emollients in the formulation leaves hands moisturised and feeling soft.
    5. Improved compliance\usage provides better protection against microbials
    6. Not lethal to children
    Finally, BZK/BAC products stay on the skin longer than alcohol-based sanitizers, which evaporate quickly due to very high alcohol content. Since time kill studies are based on 15-seconds of contact with a microbial, the real-word performance (kill rate results) of BZK/BAC sanitizers is more likely to replicate lab results than will sanitizers based on alcohol because it evaporates so quickly. Take a look at the options, from a 250ml spray bottle, to 5L refill.