Sneeze Guards and Zero Touch Door Openers

Sneeze Guards and Zero Touch Door Openers (2)

  • Buffet Sneeze Guards

    Made from 6mm clear acrylic. Sneeze Guards give options for using your modular Buffet System. Buffet service will change for the foreseeable future with food displayed and served to the customers rather than self-service and /or options of packaged items for quick collection at conferences. Buffet is still relevant going forward as it’s the best way to serve large groups quickly.
  • ZERO Touch Door Opener

    Hands Free Door Opening. A low cost and simplistic way of giving anyone in your building, the safe, germ free option, with the foot operated door opener.  This stainless steel bracket, easily  fitted to your doors by your maintenance teams, provides a germ free solution. Creating clean and sterile environments in your bathrooms, classrooms, wards, offices, kitchens and schools, when anyone entering the area still has to touch a dirty door handle- a prime place for germs to harbour. Transmission of germs by hand-to-surface contact is a concern at any time.  This is your innovative solution to stop the spread of infection by eliminating contact with the door handle. The answer for Offices, Education, Healthcare, Leisure.  Restaurants, public houses, gyms and other establishments need to protect their customesr and staff more than ever, especially in places where food or drink is served and consumed. Install zero touch door openers for a safer environment.