Softwall Space Partitions

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  • Softwall Space Partitions

    Stylish, Flexible & Fast Soft wall system for creating zones. We have partnered with Molo and have had this awesome Soft Wall showcased in our recent Cocoon space at the Evoque Hotel showroom following our trip to Europe last year. They are exceptionally contemporary, stylish, and flexible walls for creating spaces and as they are flexible in length, fluid in form, and compress flat to just 50mm for storage and transport. Softwall is able to be reconfigured endlessly for new experience design. This inherently opens up opportunities for the softwall to be re-purposed after the social distancing time is over to create break out areas or work spaces - the options are endless. Varying colours, heights and lengths are available.
    • 100% recyclable
    • Available: Brown Paper, Black Paper
    • Sustainable
    • Cost-Effective
    • Completely re-imagine spaces for different times of the day.
    • Multi-Use
    • Re-usable - Use min of 5 x times
    • Paper soft form.
    • Clean by wiping down with ‘baby wipes’