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Seal your products with us. Whatever you make, whichever product you sell.

Why should I seal my products?


Create confidence with your customers by offering sealed products for their peace of mind. Reflecting your commitment to keeping your products germ and bacteria free.


Reach new customers with your sealed products, which create a great opportunity to increase your revenue as the marking price goes up if you offer your product sealed.


Help your customers remember you, add your logo and automatically stand out from the crowd. Sealed products give a better purchase experience to your customers.

small business owner satisfied because she seal wrapped her products

How can small and medium size businesses benefit from a flow wrapping service?

There is an imminent need for sealed products in the market at the moment. We have all raised our hygiene standards and consumers will avoid products that are not sealed fearing they might be contaminated or full of germs and bacteria.

Perception is everything, if you are able to reflect your commitment to hygiene and quality, by offering offering sealed products, we can guarantee that your sales will increase. Leave a good impression in your customers minds to promote repeat business.

If you are looking into a more sustainable option, we can also seal wrap in paper. A good alternative for your business and for the planet.

Flow wrapping saves you time, and labour costs. Let us do the job for you and save countless hours of manual labour. We’ve got you covered!

Increase your revenue.

Our promise


The job is not done until the quality requirements are met. We operate with the highest quality and hygiene standards.


Our goal is to help you succeed in business. Our prices are suitable for anyone to afford. Get a quote from us!

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Why is seal wrapping your best option?

Seal wrapping your products is perfect to distribute samples, promotional products or food items such as snacks, lollies, biscuits or sweets.

We use clear or custom printed clear film or paper that will be crimp sealed at both ends, that way you can protect your product from contamination, or in the case of food items, that would help to keep them fresher for longer, creating a competitive edge amongst your competitors.

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