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  • Rosseto Gondola System Natural Foods Kit 108”

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    This Rosseto Gondola System Natural Foods Kit 108'' includes:
    • Two Rows Of Dispensers ( 18 )
    • Mounting Shelves
    • Catch Trays
    • Shelf and Roof Kit
    Our Rosseto Gondola System Natural Foods Kit 108'' features the patented precise portion control that avoids wastage of food, and mess on the floor. Customisable branding to suit your store, theme of food product. Designed to help reduce food waste and labor and, ultimately, increase sales.
    • No germs or cross contamination – no more scooping from bowls or opening small plastic packets.
    • NSF certified
    • Precise Portion control, FOOD COST FOOD COST FOOD COST!  control your costs – no excess dispensing, less waste, and more profit!
    • The options and applications are highly flexible. Mount in stores, food trucks. Display front-of-house for treats, or use back of house in the kitchen for ingredients.
    • Easy to clean, assemble, minimal moving parts., can be done by any employee in the store.
    • Proven to last for at least 10 years
  • Rosseto Gondola System Coffee Kit 67”

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    Bulk food is a growing market in the supermarket category.   Simarlarly grocery stores are reinventing themselves with the self-serve concept in an endeavour to cut plastic packaging, save mess on the floor, and reduce shrinkage.   At the same time, proved to have Increased engagement and increased sales! Rosseto Gondola System Coffee Kit 67'' includes:
    • Two rows of dispensers ( 18 )
    • Catch Trays and Shelf
    • Six Scoop Bin
  • Rosseto Mega Round Ice Tub 29″ Stainless Steel

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    The stainless steel mega-size round ice tub is large enough to store enough beverages for even the largest of parties. The 2-piece acrylic tub insert has a drip tray to ensure your table stays dry if sweating occurs . When the ice starts melting you can drain off the excess water with the built-in drain tube. Rosseto® cooler solutions ensure that food is still displayed beautifully in a functional way that makes presentations stand out.
    • Top quality designer ice tub
    • American made professional grade stainless steel
    • Specially constructed with smooth edges
    • Acrylic tub insert with drip tray
    • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
    • Built in drain tube
  • SKYCAP® Multi-Level Riser Transportation & Storage Cart with Wheels

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    Easily stow away your Skycap® system pieces with the Rosseto® Skycap® multi-level cart.  Hotel, Resorts, Casinos, large conventino centres love the Rosseto® Skycap® multi-level cart as it allows for easy setup and transport of their food and beverage to serve the masses with their buffet.
  • Rosseto EZ-SERV® x 5 Food Dispenser

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    4.9 L each Rosseto EZ-SERV® x 5 Food Dispenser is the ideal solution to dispense dry foods including Cereal, Confectionery, Ice Cream Toppings, Spices, Coffee and Tea, Snackfoods, Nuts, and much more! With its beautiful bamboo catch tray it will theme beautifully with your decor for your breaskfast buffet, and events.
  • Rectangular Tray Bio Wood VALUE PACK BUNDLE 10 pks of 50pcs

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    Rectangular Bio Wood Tray VALUE PACK BUNDLE 10 pks of 100pcs The perfect disposable serving solution for all menus. Made from highly renewable woods, these trays are disposable yet highly durable. Give a natural and organic, yet high end look to your food. Being lightweight it is very easy to carry and stack, so they don’t take much storage space. Save clean up times with these disposable and hygienic food presentation solutions.
  • Rosseto Multi Cone Wall Mounted Dispenser Tall 5 Containers

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    Airtight containers to keep food fresher for longer, portion control system, hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Rosseto® Skycap® 10 Piece Black on Black Riser Kit

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    Rosseto® Skycap® 10 Piece Black on Black Riser Kit is a fantastic system that includes  3 x Matte Mutli-Level Risers, 2 x Square Tempered Glass Surfaces, 2 x Large Rectangle Tempered Glass Surfaces, 2 x Smaller Rectangle Tempered Glass Surfaces.  Proven to impress your guests, and make life easier for your food and beverage team.

    People eat with thier eyes!  Stun your gests with this buffet kit!

    This kit is a great starter for your event space or buffet!  Start with this kit, and add with more buffet equipment pieces as your need grows and budget allows.
  • Paper Cutlery Sleeves (Plain or Printed)

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    With increased expectations of hygiene and safety – look at these pouches, that make for quick service for cutlery.
    • A cost-effective way to serve your cutlery.
    • Australian Made
    • 100% recyclable
  • Rosseto EZ-SERV® 5 Multi Cone Wall Mounted Container

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    4.9 L Airtight containers to keep food fresher for longer. Portion control system. Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Walnut EZ-SERV XL Double Dispenser 3.5 Gal

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    • 23.5 x 53.3 x 71.8 cm | 13.3 L each
    • Minimizes food damage with soft flexible wings
    • Easy to clean
    • Interchangeable portion control technology
    • Measures available from 1 teaspoon up to 1 cup
    • Air-tight paddle to keep food fresh, and not crush contents
    • Sturdy base and canister for optimum stability
    • ABS canisters that meet the requirements of all food hygiene standards
    • High quality rotator shaft
    • Minimal moving components
  • Diamond Multi-Chef™ Stainless Steel Kit

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    EVENTS, COOKING DEMONSTRATIONS AND TASTINGS MADE EASY Attractive as food is visible! • Food hygiene as small serving portion, freshly cooked from the kitchen, multiple serving levels • Multi-purpose can be used with many different accessories • Durable stainless steel, steel, matte black and bronze made in USA • All-in-one solution, fits skycap riser levels, 360 access to surfaces, shelving, easily stacks, rear access for easy maintenance, fits standard chafing dish insert, reversible burner stand for versatility in heat source levels • Modular – can integrate with your existing buffet system, create food stations • Stackable for easy storage