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 in a way we can all #ShareTheKindness to support our favourite local restaurants – and the industry as a whole. Our team has picked seven ways you can help (…and most of them won’t cost you a penny).

Write a review

If everyone reading this added one review of somewhere, they have eaten and enjoyed then the overall impact would be fantastic. Not only would you be sharing your inside information on where to eat in your local area, you would also give the restaurant and its employees a lovely morale boost. Of course, we love it when our readers write a review on our website but anywhere you can write a review, be it sites like ours or on social media, the most important message is to just write one. Comment on the hygiene of the restaurant this will give assurance and encourage more people to visit.

Like, comment on and share their social posts

Whether it’s a favourite dish, a new menu or just a general shout out, interacting with social posts from your local restaurant or venue could significantly increase their post engagements and widen their audience. If won’t cost you a penny and you can show a little bit of solidarity for the hospitality industry.

Post that foodie photo

Did you go to your favourite restaurant for dinner and forget to post the pic? Post it now and tag the restaurant.

Buy a gift voucher, ready for the ‘ bounce back ‘

If you want to show support to your local restaurant, but you’re worried about being in busy spaces right now, buying a gift voucher to use later can be a real help. Most restaurants allow their gift vouchers to be redeemed up to six months after purchasing and some restaurants have even extended this period because of the current climate.

Sign up to their newsletters

If you want to take your support to the next level, then why not sign up to the newsletter for your favourite restaurant? You might even find you get to be first in the know about special events, discounts and new menus.

Be kind

Whether it’s some love on social media or just an extra thank you at a restaurant, a few kind words can go a long way. Why not make some extra effort to do one additional gesture of kindness?

Share this article

By sharing this article, you will help us to spread the word and show your support for the hospitality industry. Whether you work in the industry or simply love going to an event or out for dinner, we would be so grateful for your help with spreading this message.

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