Honeycomb Frame Display Stand

Honeycomb frame display stands bring theatre to your restaurant.

Dispensing raw honey using a unique honeycomb stand designed to hold a complete honeycomb in its frame. This stand is a dramatic centerpiece at the breakfast buffet. Allow guests to serve themselves from the comb. This high-quality food grade stainless steel honeycomb frame display stand is designed to firmly hold a frame of any depth. This honeycomb serving stand is easy to carry so you can place it in any space. Honeycombs harvested from bee-friendly hives are a sustainable option. It is easy to appreciate and taste the true essence of honey, when eating directly from the comb. The slight waxy residue that remains after eating the comb is entirely natural therefore can be chewed like gum. The health benefits of eating honeycomb outweigh liquid honey because all the natural elements are preserved. The wax is produced entirely by the bees in order to store the precious nectar. Honeycomb can be eaten as a whole food, otherwise you can spread on toast, broken over yoghurt or used as an interesting addition to any cheese platter. Serve fresh and delicious honey with our Honeycomb Frame Display Stands