Picks and Skewers

Picks and Skewers.

Decorate your drinks, label your small bites or give an original touch to your snacks. These picks and skewers make it easy to pick up finger food. They are 100% disposable and bring visual appeal, also being highly hygienic they give peace of mind to your customers. Hold gourmet sandwiches and burgers together with stylish picks. Use them as a feature at the top of a food stack and add creativity to your food creations. In this section you will find a great range of options, sizes and designs. Firstly, our all time classic picks and skewers for a practical and affordable option. Secondly, our premium design range is excellent to give a special touch to your food. Sports or holidays themed, these are excellent to add a memorable touch to your snacks and nibbles, worthy of an Instagram pic! Discover the immense amount of options and possibilities that this range can offer you. A simple, affordable, and practical way to make your food pop!