Acrylic Bakery Display Cases

Our acrylic pastry display cabinets & bakery display cases are durable enough for heavy usage, but also lightweight enough to be easily manoeuvred and cleaned. They provide style, versatility and height, and enable you to flawlessly display food on your countertop to the best of its ability. Display baked goods in the most innovative countertop display options. Present your breads and pastries in a way that will appeal to your customers and therefore encouraging them to buy. Make it easy for your staff to access items, clean and re-stock the displays. We are the leaders in providing high quality, attractive and functional countertop bakery display cases. FIFO system. These bakery cases are perfect for bread, pastries, bagels, cookies, and more! Being airtight, these cases will keep your food fresher for longer. In that way you will be reduce your food waste. Because their vertical orientation, these cases require small space so you can place them anywhere you like. Our bakery building blocks are great to create a unique display, you choose the height and length of your food display station. All our bakery cases can be combined with different risers and surfaces in order to create a station.

Choose your base from our wide range of options: bamboo, stainless steel, black matte, and more! We can also customise the base with any branding you might need or with a "Gluten free" sign. Create a memorable breakfast buffet with this range of beautiful bakery display cases and risers. This collection is also great for delis, shared office spaces, restaurants and cafes! If you are selling bread, sweets, pastries or grab and go food... these bakery cases are a most. Beautifully displayed food attracts more customers and increases your sales. All our equipment is in stock in Australia for your convenience and we offer same day dispatch.

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