Buffet Food Warmers

Modern multi chef buffet food warmers with broad appeal made of stainless steel.

Each buffet food warmer comes with a 2-height burner stand to accommodate full-size chafer water and food pans.  Use surfaces to connect units together and create versatile stations.

Rugged and durable with multiple serving levels.  The compact arrangement saves you a huge amount of space, even at the busiest times.  Everything is always neat and tidy, appetising and clean. Designed with form and function in mind, these works of art can also be used as a platform for centrepieces. A more elegant and lighter alternative to chafers.

Our modern designed commercial buffet food warmers will integrate perfectly with any buffet equipment. Serve food with sophistication and ease.  Stackable, and heavy duty.

An unforgettable experience for your guests and customers. Same day dispatch with stock in Australia. Shop online now.