Cooling Solutions

Buffet Display Cooling Solutions Are a must have. If you are serving your food outdoors you want to make sure you have all the necessary buffet equipment to keep your food fresh. This collection is perfect for that. Serve cheeses, sushi, salads and drinks at ice cold temperatures. Avoid your food going off and maintain adequate levels of food temperature. Health and food safety departments have strict guidelines when it comes to food temperature. Include this equipment range as part of your buffet display and avoid fines. Our trays and ice tubs are made from commercial-grade acrylic in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Steel frames are incorporated to support the tubs and trays. Choose your frame finish from our various options: stainless steel, black or bronze. Your clients are accustomed to luxury, that is why these frames are stylish and contemporary. Create an attractive display outdoors or by the pool that your guests will love. With restrictions around indoor sitting, it is important for you to find alternatives to serve your customers outdoors. If you want to create a fun and harmonious display then make sure to add these buffet display cooling solutions to your equipment. Versatile and easy to use. Everything works together so you can be creative, and change displays every day. Invest in a top-quality system that allows integrations across the entire line. Promote safety and wellness and eliminate cross contamination. The compact arrangement saves you a huge amount of space, even at the busiest times; everything is always neat and tidy, appetising and clean. All our equipment is in stock in Australia, we offer same day dispatch.