Modulite™ Modular Food & Beverage Shelving

Modulite™ is a revolutionary Modular Shelving System that offers customisable features making it a versatile piece for any space.

Modulite™ is the perfect solution for all your food service needs, whether it's a hotel lobby, remote site, corporate office, pop-up market, grab-and-go concept, back bar, sweet station, reception, or any other event limited only by your creativity.  With the ability to customise your cart and choose from a variety of accessories, the possibilities are endless.
If you need to serve a larger volume of food and beverages, you can easily connect two carts together to create a long and impressive stand that will suit all types of events and needs.  Our carts are fully mobile, making it easy to transport your offerings wherever you need them to be. Experience the flexibility and convenience of Modulite™ for yourself.

Experience unique design, with the versatility, convenience, and ease of use with our new lightweight and easy-to-assemble shelving solution. Allows for high mobility, or to act as a screen partition for event spaces.  

This modular system offers endless configuration options.  Pick and choose different parts to create a wide variety of set ups.  

Connect two carts effortlessly using shelves alone or wire trays to create stunning displays that leave a lasting impression. Easily set up a portable back bar.

Customise your presentation with our extensive range of accessories, making it uniquely yours.

Quality and durable, made for the hospitality environment.  Modulite offers a variety of functional and aestheic add-ons, such as signposts, food dispensers, baskets, bakery display options to help you to enhance your guest experience.  Update and elevate with confidence with this range.

This is the new food and beverage furniture as the door to a new era in hospitality - where beautiful, functional products blend seamlessly in any interiors, while elevating design standards for your guests.

Upgrade your banquet hall equipment setup with our game-changing Modular Shelving System – the future of efficient and captivating displays.