BioLite Canape and Dessert Cups

Freshen up your mini-eats, appetisers, canapes, finger food with these stylish, modern pieces!  Sustainable disposables derived from plants!

These Eco-friendly food presentation products look and feel like regular plastic BUT are made from plant based materials, therefore they are 100% compostable.  Showcase your food in an eco-friendly and modern way with these elegant, stylish, and innovative food serving solutions.  Bio-lite is here to revolutionise the hospitality industry.  Take a step forward towards a more sustainable future because our choices have a great impact on the planet.  Serve single portion food, canapes or single desserts with style thanks to these beautiful and stylish eco-friendly disposables.  Choose bio-lite and take your next catering or buffet service to the next level. This eco-friendly food presentation range will delight your customers.