Free Standing Dry Food Dispensers

Place these Free Standing Dry Food Dispensers anywhere. Conveniently sitting on a sturdy stand, these dispensers are great for restaurants, hotels or dry food dispensing shops. With a patented portion control system to help you reduce waste and save money. Featuring transparent containers to create an attractive setting for your customers. These food dispensers are airtight so that your food stays fresher for longer. Their large rotating handles are easy to use by kids and people with arthritic hands. Choose your base style, we have many options available such as bamboo, stainless steel, walnut, and black matte. These Free Standing Dry Food Dispensers do not occupy much space, and you can choose the size depending on your business' needs. The best display and serving solution for dry goods at your bar, restaurant, cafe©, or buffet! Also, they will keep your food protected from bacteria and germs, making them a highly hygienic solution. These dispensers are also a greener and sustainable option, buying in bulk is not only cheaper but reduces plastic waste enormously. Find the perfect dry food dispenser for your venue!