Sports Food Picks

Sport Food picks and skewers are essential for all food businesses. This range of picks feature Sports knot picks, bamboo boat oar skewers and twist picks. Use them as a feature at the top of a food stack and add creativity to your food creations. Our all time classic picks and skewers for a practical and affordable option. Discover the immense amount of options and possibilities that this range of Picks and Skewers can offer you. Friends, family and guest will marvel at your ability in Creative Food Presentation! Give your food the Wow Factor today! Showcase why your food is big, bold and delicious! Showcase a multitude of food with these picks Meals and cocktail parties will have long lasting impression with your guest! Bamboo is a highly renewable resource, therefore these products are highly sustainable. In conclusion, these range will help you to elevate your food presentation with eco-friendly food presentation solutions.