Induction Warmers for Buffet

Induction Warmers bring style, versatility, and theatre to any buffet.

Whether you're setting up a last-minute buffet or preparing a special dish for your customers, this new system of induction warmers is your best solution.

Give your customers an appealing, high-quality, and memorable dining experience.

Keep your food hot and looking amazing with our latest range of warmers.

These warmers are incredibly lightweight and easy to clean. Our induction warming system uses the latest precision technology to ensure your food is cooked or warmed more evenly. This range does not require much power, so you do not have to worry about your electricity bills!

There are unlimited creative displays that you can set up with these induction warmers which can be combined with other warmers or chafers.

Connect to different risers and surfaces to create a unique station. Keep your meals at the correct serving temperature in an energy-efficient manner.  These induction warming units are great for live cooking, cook eggs, pancakes, crepes, and more in front of your customers.  Create a memorable show! 

Also, you can adjust the temperature and set a timer so you can be sure that your food will remain hot throughout the buffet service.  Choose between our single or double stands, depending on space availability.  Once you experience the magic of warming with induction, you'll never want to use fuel burners again!