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In times of stress, it is important to take care of our mental health.

18 Mar 2020
In times of stress, it is important to take care of our mental health.

We are living in some wild times. People are fighting over toilet paper, hand sanitiser is sold out on most stores, and stressful news are being shared everywhere.

To help us all, we have prepared a list of things you could do to combat stress and anxiety, hope you find them useful. If you would like to share a new tip with us, please do so on the comments! Together, we are stronger!

Some love it and some… don’t. But no one can deny that exercise helps combat depression and anxiety. Even a quick 30 min session increases the amount of endorphins in your body, which can help your brain cope with stressful situations and mental tension. So, go ahead, let’s get sweaty!

Sit under the sun
On the bright side, we still have the lovely Australian summer sun to warm and cheer us up. Let’s take advantage of that, spending even five minutes under the sun, can help you boost your mood. Just remember to always wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

Go for a walk
Fill your lungs with fresh air, maybe listen to a podcast, while you enjoy some time outside. Whilst keeping social distance is important, let’s not miss out on the advantages that a lovely walk outside can bring.

Drink some hot tea
Green, white and herbal teas are just best option as they have calming properties, we recommend you to reduce your caffeine intake for now, as it is proven to spike anxiety for some people. Try adding a bit of honey for extra sweetness.

Practice gratitude
In times of stress (and anytime) be thankful. There are plenty of things to be thankful for, keep them always in mind.

Pet an animal
Gladly, authorities have announced that pets can’t transmit the coronavirus. On the other hand, they will surely put a smile on your face.

Take time to practice a hobby
Now that we all have a bit more time for ourselves, it is a good time to paint that special painting, finishing a puzzle, or just learning a new skill. The sky is the limit!

Talk to a friend
We are all in this together, and sometimes sharing your feelings with a friend or colleague can help you alleviate the tension, even if it is a quick conversation over the phone.

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