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Love at first sight

28 Feb 2020
Love at first sight

Finally, things are sparking up for the hospitality industry. After what it seemed to be a long month of January, customers are starting to go out and spend money again.

It seems like Australia day became a day of celebration for hospitality business owners and leaders who were finally able to relieve some stress off their shoulders. Receiving dinners with open arms and delighting them with their most delicious food creations. So, bring it on! Let’s make this year a successful one for everyone involved in this great industry.

A good way to boost sales this month is to prepare for the global celebration of love: Valentine’s day. Now, not everyone might like this event, some might say that Valentine’s day is just a good excuse for people to spend money, but isn’t it what you want your customers to do?

It is estimated that this year, Australians will spend an average of $13.6 million dollars on dinner alone plus $7 million on drinks. So, there you have it, Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to generate business. With each individual spending an average of $80 AUD-be it on gifts, dinner, chocolates, flowers, etc. you want to make sure to capture you customer’s attention and persuade them to choose your venue to celebrate this romantic day.

But with so many venues to choose from, how can you capture people’s attention and impress your dinners? First things first, and as we always say: excel in your food presentation. Specially on Valentine’s day, people look out for restaurants that can offer an amazingly presented dinner, worthy of many photos. This is a night to show off!

Little details make a big difference and can be the tipping point between a successful dinner and a total disaster. On Valentine’s day (actually on any day) there is no room for chipped plates or run-down equipment, make sure to revise all your serving utensils in advance so there are no surprises on the day. Same thing applies to all cutlery, serviettes, glasses and even staff uniforms.

If you want to get a little creative, you could create a special Valentine’s day set menu with drinks or wine included. This option can generate great profits for your venue; on Valentine’s day, dinner prices can increase up to 250%, but as long as your customers see the value on the food and service provided and feel confident that your offering would impress their partner, they will happily pay the price.

Another way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to provide an outstanding customer service. Many people know how to prepare a good meal, but something that customers can’t replicate at home is the service they receive when dining out. If people decide to leave the comfort of their home, most likely is because they are looking for a great service experience. Now is the time to align your staff with the business goals, create unity amongst them all and get them motivated to facilitate an outstanding dining experience.

Employees are always your best brand advocates, if your staff cares about the venue and customers, they are more likely to go the extra mile to excel in their customer service. But for them to care about your business, they must first feel appreciated and cared for. There is no way someone would put in extra effort at work if they don’t feel valued; make sure to encourage your employees and show appreciation when things are done right every time you can. Trust us, caring makes a great deal of a difference and your customers will surely notice it.

Finally, spread the word out there! In business, the saying “if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist” is true. Nowadays, advertising is incredibly important for any business to succeed, and with the hospitality industry becoming more competitive year by year relying solely on word of mouth is no longer enough. There are many tools out there that can help you to create a good advertising strategy for your

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