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What makes Rosseto special?

27 Sep 2021
What makes Rosseto special?


Rosseto® is an increasingly well-known brand in the global F&B industry as a provider of comprehensive serving solutions for the hospitality, food service, and retail sectors.

Their positioning is geared toward the middle level to high end hospitality and food service markets. It will not be the cheapest offering out there, but it will certainly be among the best. With Rosseto® products, people pay a little over the average, but the quality is over-the-top premium and is built to last for a very long time.

As a company, Rosseto® values DESIGN, QUALITY, FUNCTIONALITY, and INNOVATION – in everything that they develop.


Rosseto® is, first and foremost, about design. This starts with, but is not limited to, the overall aesthetic appeal. The idea is to fit different environment styles and space limitations, with beautiful products in unified themes.

Rosseto’s designs are adaptable, this allows users to create stations on any size or type of space: whether a round table or a long banquet, a narrow area or a wide one, and more

Because of the nature of the hospitality and food service industries where events happen one after the other, and assembly/disassembly needs to take place in the least amount of time – it is an absolute necessity that the products are durable.

Rosseto® pieces are very sturdy. As mentioned earlier, they are designed to be used for a very long time – to always look fresh, and not fall apart after several uses. They also have products that are made with crystal-clear, high grade acrylics. Strong vacuum-formed/molded accessories complete some lines. And some lines are crafted from real bamboo wood – made from living, breathing, and all-natural material!

As established in this attention to quality, Rosseto® collections are built to be expanded, not replaced. Sometimes, customers don’t have a big budget to start with, and this is something that we consider as well. We have starter kits available, and clients can start with a small quantity, doing mix and match. And later on as their businesses grow, they can also expand to wider stations or more varied solutions

For Rosseto, it’s not about making one piece for one purpose and selling it. It is about creating practical solutions that maximise space and allow for creativity.It is about making versatile pieces that can fulfill several different purposes, just by changing the accessories.

You will see this in a lot of Rosseto’s headlining products – when you invest, for example, in a Multi-Chef™ piece, with the right accessories, you can use it as a warmer, chafer, cooler, or riser – whatever the current setup calls for.

Hand in hand with the concept of function is INTEGRATION. Rosseto systems allow for integration across the entire line: Risers – Beverage Dispensers – Bakery Cases – Warmers – Coolers. Featuring separate pieces that answer to each of these functions that relate with each other seamlessly as well. The flexibility in purpose, and this ability to integrate different pieces across a wide range of functions, is a very strong advantage that Rosseto has over competitors

At Rosseto®, they do frequent and inspired product introductions. Their design process is very forward-thinking, everything has the same design language; they all look like a family.

In everything Rosseto designs, they consider what the market needs, and explore its potential for innovation. They don’t just make risers – we make beautiful, versatile products that can be used in many different functionalities and settings.

Take a look at the different Rosseto’s buffet pieces available:

Flat, single-level presentation is something that we steer customers away from. Multi-level risers are a way to maximise space, allowing more food to be displayed, in a unique way. They have slots on the side that have consistent heights across the board, and come in various finishes/materials, at several price points.

Surfaces are the key to maximising the versatility of the Rosseto® products. They come in a wide variety of colours, materials, shapes, and sizes. Surfaces go hand in hand with our risers, warmers, coolers, bakery cases and beverage dispensers, connecting them from station to station, adding levels wherein foods can be displayed.

In breakfast buffets and dessert stations, clients are able to present their cereals, granolas, oats, chocolate chips, and other ice cream topping offerings. This helps them veer away from boxes and jars, and go for a more hygienic, greener option. Rosseto’s patented portion control mechanism also is an important factor here, since this allows them to save on product cost in the process. This concept of self-service, customisation, mix-your-own option that Rosseto’s cereal dispensers facilitate is especially popular with travellers.

Rosseto beverage dispensers come with a unique floating ice chamber that keeps the beverage cool and tasting fresh, even as the ice melts. Different capacities and shapes are available, depending on the shape, material, or theme of the display. They can be dressed up according to design goals (bamboo, black gloss, stainless steel bases, square or pyramid-shaped, also comes with round tower option). Made with crystal clear acrylic panels, with a solid, heavy-set lid, an NSF-certified faucet, and a bamboo base cover. You will see how it also connects to other pieces, making it easy to build a beautiful, complete station.

Elegant-but-durable display cases with crystal clear panels, where you can encase mouth-watering breads, muffins, and pastries for breakfast or dessert stations. Again, we have different finishes and price points available here. All these products have small footprints, but display as much product as possible.

Bakery Cases is our top 2 fastest-growing category, and is very successful in VIP suites.

Consistently at the very top spot is the warmers category. What we try to do is provide hot food presentation pieces in place of the standard, unexciting chafing dish. These alternatives are more aesthetically pleasing – and of course reliable and durable, made with premium materials.

Rosseto® Cooler Solutions: This is the elegant way that we present cheeses, sushi, individual beverage servings, fruits, and other similar cold foods. And again, all the options that you see here can be integrated easily into the look of the rest of the buffet. Available in rectangle, hexagon, and round as well – in small, medium, large and extra large.

Rosseto develops products that help businesses and provide good experiences all across the board, from the buyer to the end customer, enjoy the Rosseto experience today! Exclusive to Top Shelf Concepts

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