Gloves, Masks, Wipes

Disposable gloves, masks and cleaning wipes.

Now more than ever before it is important to protect your staff and customers and viruses and bacteria. Keeping coronavirus under control is everyone's responsibility. In order to avoid getting infected with COVID-19 use personal protective equipment. Find disposable gloves and masks, ideal for handling food or for staff who have contact with customers. Clean and disinfect any surface with our disposable cleaning wipes. If you want to increase your sales you need to make sure all your staff is properly protected against viruses and bacteria. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, workplaces, transport professionals and more! All our products are in stock in Australia therefore you will receive your order the same week you placed it. Disposable gloves, masks and cleaning wipes are a simple yet effective way to give your customers peace of mind and showcase your commitment to health, hygiene and safety!