Our Mission

Achieving sustainability goals for Food and Beverage

With the hospitality industry going green, we provide innovative solutions that are biodegradable and reusable.

It’s a journey to ensure your guests expectations are met with visual appeal.

From automatic food dispensers that reduce food waste and reduce plastics to reusable lunchboxes and disposables that are biodegradable using green chemistry, and bamboo products that grow incredibly fast and never need to be replanted. This offers vital economic and ecological benefits to the lives of millions of people around the world.

At Top Shelf concepts we continue to scour the world for food presentation solutions that enhance your guest experience, responsibly. We help smart operators to go green with the environment in mind, constantly working to be profitable while conserving natural resources and lessening their environmental impact to meet regulatory guidelines with positive impact to their local communities.

The sustainability trend shaping the future of the hotels is important to meet the expectations of corporate events and guests alike.

Efficient ways to present and serve food to enhance guest experience, whilst meeting the sustainable goals of your venue. People have high expectations and want an experience!

Corporate Social Responsibility

In recognition of the importance of contributing to a healthier environment through a reduction of waste and the promotion of environmental sustainability, Top Shelf Concepts is committed to adopting necessary measures to minimise our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint by Recycling, Paperless systems, Electric vehicles, Solar Energy & Efficient Lighting.