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A few great things we have done this week.

26 Mar 2020
A few great things we have done this week.

To say that we are living in uncertain times is a massive understatement. We have lived through periods of tremendous change and turmoil in the world, actually, Top Shelf Concepts opened its doors during the Global Financial Crisis. But this worldwide situation is unprecedented, our industry has been completely disrupted and the way we do business has taken a 180-degree turn. The hospitality industry brings people together to share happiness, joy, and delicious food, but the new imposed restrictions have made it difficult for us all to do business.

It has certainly not been easy, but there are still a lot of things we can do to make this situation better for us all. At Top Shelf Concepts we have changed our approach from chasing sales to sharing the kindness, and what a week it has been! Here are a few things we did to make this week really good one, maybe there are some that you can implement too (we hope is the piano one).

We have implemented a remote work system: We got to admit, that we weren’t very familiar with this technology, we love doing face to face sales showing our buffet equipment to our customers at their venues but now we had to put a new system in place to continue helping our customers to display their food in a beautiful and safe way. This was our first challenge, and gosh we certainly had a laugh trialling all the different virtual meeting platforms. We can now proudly tell you that our remote system is ready, so if you are interested in any of our products, email us or call us and we can send a product video your way!

Worked on our internal strategy: we all had a bit of extra time on our hands, so we decided to use it productively and actually work deeply on our marketing strategy. We have been wanting to create product videos for selling and training purposes for quite some time, this week was the perfect time to do so. We can’t wait to share them with you all once they are edited and ready!

Made pancakes for everyone: this was a highlight. When the mood is down, pancakes are always a good idea. We were shooting the videos for our induction systems which you can use to cook live for your customers maybe omelettes, crepes, or pancakes. This time we were our own customers and let us tell you we were quite pleased with our dining experience!

Took the necessary steps to make sure our workplace is safe and hygienic: we are a small team, and we are convinced that together we can achieve better results that is why we continue to come to work as usual. But we also needed to make sure that our workplace was safe and hygienic for everyone, that is why we replaced our hand towels for blow hand-dryers, bought hand sanitisers for everyone and established a cleaning routine to disinfect all our working areas twice a day.

Brought a piano to the office! Yes, we are not kidding. It is proved that music improves your mood and productivity, well some of our team members are quite talented and delighted us all with a beautiful private concert. In times of stress and anxiety, is the little things that can brighten up your day.

We decided that caring is more important than selling. Something positive that this virus has taught us, is that human relationships are more important than anything else. The entire hospitality community is facing difficult times, sometimes a simple call asking, “How are you going?” can mean a lot for someone else. We want to remind all our friends and customers that we are here to support you, always!

Enough talking about us, we want to hear from you! What changes have you implemented in your organisation this week? Let us know in the comments section!

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