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11 Jul 2022



Quality Paper for Food-to-Go, Hospitality and Casual Dining sectors, Bistro, and Street Food. Whether you’re wrapping a Sandwich, Sub, Taco or Hotdog, Presenting Fries and Burgers on trays or Baskets, or just need a cool Table Placemat or Box liner, Top Shelf Concept has got you covered.

Specially designed for both hot and cold foods, our wax food papers are made from a top quality high wet strength FDA approved material, with Food Grade Ink, to ensure that you are food safe.

Actual Printed Designs

Make your food Instagrammable! Encourage your food to go on Social Media

  • Custom Print Available
  • Insert / Add your Logo
  • Your Company Tag Line
  • Creates Interest
  • No Grease Stains
  • Preserves Freshness
  • Bulk Orders Available

We only use food safe ink to ensure your food is safe to eat.

From A3 to the smallest size you that you can think of, we cut to any size and shape.

With our highly resistant wax food papers, there is no oil transferred to the plate, also keeping your customers fingers clean.

Custom Sheet Label

Customize and Create your own label sheets, These Customize label sheets are 100% recyclable and compostable and come in a range of sizes and shapes. Show off your business name or logo or give your packaging a smart makeover with QR code stickers!


  • Tell us more about your idea. Choose the size, colour, and design that suits your business the best.
  • Or upload you’re own design made elsewhere using our guidelines (Sample Mock-up). Fill out below and attached your design.
  • Once you agree to your wax food paper design and approve your quote, we’ll start production.
  • Impress your customers, Take your food presentation to the next level with your new custom made wax food paper for all your customers to enjoy!
  • Customised Waxed Food paper to communicate your brand!

– Ask us for a quote. Waxed Food Pockets with exclusive 2 ply wax food paper, super for burgers, sandwiches, bagels, chips and more.
Corporate lunches are made a breeze, by eliminating drips, mess which means no stains on the corporate shirt!

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