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Food purchase decisions: The 3 main aspects to consider

27 Oct 2020
Food purchase decisions

According to Google, there has been a significant increase of search queries related to “Christmas catering” in Australia during the past month.

Restrictions or not, people are looking to have an amazing dining experience, even if it is at home customers would still want to impress their guests and enjoy a 5-star meal without having to put too much effort on it.

These are the three main aspects people consider when they are taking a purchase decision:


This is important on all purchase stages.

Starting from the first point of contact they have with your business, there should be a visual appeal that invites your customers in and sparks their curiosity and excitement. Create alignment for your brand and make sure your business and food looks it’s best in the digital and real world.

Many people use social media to browse for the newest and trendiest food options, so make sure to put your business out there, great pictures of your food presented beautifully will always drag your customers attention.

Once they visit your venue or get in touch with you to place a delivery order, ensure a pleasant experience by keeping all things sparkling clean and well-polished, help your customers to feel safe about your food and purchase decision.

The service you provide also plays a big role when shaping your customers perception about your business, so make sure your staff and chefs are wearing a clean uniform (if applicable) and train them to deliver a great customer service even if the interaction with the customer is done online or over the phone.

If you are opting for takeaway catering options, your food should be presented in the best food packaging solutions possible that speak quality, sustainability, and professionalism.

Let’s be honest, dining out or ordering catering is a luxury for many people, so make sure they see the value in the food they are receiving and there will be many aspects they will consider when taking a food purchase decision.

Don’t cut corners or try to cut costs by buying food of a lower quality, YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL NOTICE.

Also, make sure you deliver on what you promised, nothing is more disappointing than receiving a meal that doesn’t look at all like the one in the picture.

In current times, everyone has a smartphone camera capable of taking semi-professional photos, so your meals should always be ready for a photo shoot. At the end of the day, your customers will share their experience with friends and family and a photo speaks a thousand words, so if you want your current customers to recommend you, amaze them by creating a delightful dining experience for them.

Point of Difference:
Everyone can sell a nice chocolate cake, but how you presented it and the quality you deliver can be the tipping point for your business.

Think about what you do best, what is your specialty?

Also, analyse what the current market is needing… do your customers need food to be delivered to their place, or would they appreciate same day catering delivery? Are there many people interested in vegan options around the area you are trading in… or maybe there are various companies around looking to get corporate gifts solutions for their staff…?

Ask your customers and find out about their needs, then combine your expertise, knowledge and creativity, to deliver an exceptional dining experience that sets you apart from your competition.

So, what makes your business special? Let us know in the comment section!

For more tips and food presentation solutions for your business, contact us! Together we can create the dining experience that your customers will crave for.

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