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How to Display Breads and Pastries

24 Jan 2024
How to Display Breads and Pastries

Breads and pastries already look delectable on their own, but showcasing them in an attention-grabbing fashion is a sure way to entice guests to try one out!

Consider this – people don’t know what your baked goods taste like until they take that first bite. Beyond the pleasant aromas and delicious flavours, the way these treats are displayed can significantly influence guest choices and their overall experience – encouraging repeat business.

Choosing proper display cases, especially ones with an airtight feature helps in preserving the freshness of baked goods longer. This helps curb food waste while giving you an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Explore the various ways you can display breads and pastries that captivate customers from the moment they walk through the door. Plus, get tips on selecting the right equipment tailored to your needs.

How to choose bakery display cases

Using the right bakery display cases plays an important role in your food presentation. Introducing a variety of containers such as baskets and trays adds visual interest and caters to diverse guest preferences.

Factor in the dimensions and layout of your bakery space. Opt for display cases that seamlessly fit within the available area, maintaining a balance without overwhelming the aesthetic. Ensure that the selected cases elevate the visibility of your baked goods, enabling customers to easily view your delightful offerings from different perspectives.

Functionality and efficiency are other key components you must consider. Make sure display cases are organised seamlessly to make them more accessible to customers. Going for airtight containers is a must to prevent food from going stale, hence avoiding waste.

Creating cohesiveness in the ambience and structure of your restaurant, bakery, or venue is crucial. Choosing bakery display cases that align with your overall theme ties everything together. Being deliberate in implementing aesthetics and functionality enhances the visual appeal of your products and contributes to a positive customer experience.

Clear and Transparent Bakery Cases

3 tier clear bakery case


Guests eat with their eyes. Having a clear window that showcases your baked delights will pique their curiosity enough to try one out.

Clear display cases are also designed to be airtight, maintaining the freshness of your baked goods. The transparency also provides a level of assurance regarding the cleanliness of the items on display.

These transparent bakery cases are currently a popular choice in hospitality venues. They immediately give a preview of the pastry, its quality, and the different choices available. Adding this to your display makes it efficient for customers to make better choices about what to buy.

In photo: Rosseto 2-Door Large Bakery Display Cabinet


Elevate with Tiers

In photo: Rosseto Clear Acrylic Insert with Nesting Bamboo Boxes and Rosseto Three-Tier Bakery Cases with Brass and Bronze Wire Stands

Don't underestimate the power of tiered displays, as they not only maximise space but also create a visually dynamic presentation. Stacking baked goods at different levels helps you display a larger variety of items without taking up additional table space. It makes any showcase easier on the eyes and increases efficiency.

Presenting sweet treats in a tiered display also creates more product visibility. Adding multiple layers to your setup creates focal points that draw attention and encourage guests to notice and consider those specific products, potentially boosting sales of promotional or signature items.

Building Blocks

In photo: Rosseto Bakery Drawer Building Block Small

Bakery case building blocks provide flexibility in designing and arranging your baked goods display. You can adapt the configurations to suit the size and layout of your presentation, allowing for creative and unique showcases.

Embracing customisation in building blocks fosters creativity when designing displays. Feel free to explore various configurations, heights, and arrangements to craft visually stunning and attention-grabbing presentations that set your breads and pastries apart.

Feature: Rosseto Bakery Drawer Building Block Small and Large

Customisable Bakery Walls

In photo: All in One Bakery Wall - Customisable Modular Bays and Bakery Drawer Combo

Whether you’re running a restaurant, patisserie, remote site, or hotel, customisable bakery walls get the job done quickly for baked goods presentation. This innovative bakery display includes vertical and modular shelving that maximises the use of space by allowing you to display a wide variety of baked treats in an organised manner.

Illuminating this modular display also makes products more appealing. It can draw more attention to your baked goods and create a more inviting atmosphere.

A perfect blend of aesthetic and function, this display is ideal for establishments that encourage self-service.

Greaseproof Food Papers

Give your guests a mess-free way of eating breads and pastries with greaseproof food papers! Having one for selected treats encourages easy handling and helps prevent customers’ hands from getting sticky.

Aside from providing convenience to guests, they also help in preserving freshness. They can act as a protective barrier between baked goods and the display surface to prevent moisture and oils from seeping into the products, preserving their texture and taste.

What’s more, greaseproof paper offers the opportunity for customisation with branding, logos, or patterns, providing a personalised touch to every display. This not only strengthens brand identity but also enhances a cohesive and visually appealing presentation.

In photo: French Script Wax Food Paper



Incorporate Unique Shapes


Add a unique element to your display by using distinctive moulding shapes. This opens up an opportunity for creative and artistic cake designs as you can experiment with patterns, layers, and decorations, resulting in visually stunning and appetizing creations.

It adds diversity to your assortment, attracting customers looking for something unique and expanding their choices beyond traditionally shaped breads and pastries.

In photo: Triangular V-Mould Baking Tin

Maintaining Freshness with Airtight Cases

In photo: Rosseto 6 Drawer Bakery Case,Rosseto Lucid Large Bakery Case, and Rosseto Dome Countertop Bakery Case

Keeping your baked goods crisp and fresh is paramount. After all, it’s the quality of your product that will keep guests abuzz and might even help in promotion through word of mouth!

Aside from proper storage techniques, temperature control, packaging, and product rotation, having the right display equipment will help in extending shelf life. Airtight bakery cases prevent staleness and keep goods fresh throughout your service.

A clean and well-maintained display not only promotes a positive image but also ensures the safety and quality of your products.

Artful Bread and Pastry Display

Bread and pastry presentation goes beyond simply placing them on shelves. It involves creating an inviting atmosphere, meticulously choosing bakery cases, and ensuring that your display aligns with your ambience and caters to the preferences of your customers.

Having a well-organised presentation not only enhances the visual appeal of your baked treats but also significantly contributes to a positive customer experience, encouraging repeat visits. Turn your display into a canvas that tells a delicious story, inviting customers to savour delightful treats with every visit.

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