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Are Bakery Display Cases a great investment?

29 Jul 2022
Are Bakery Display Cases a great investment?

Countless clients have proven that in purchasing our bakery display cases they have significantly reduced food waste, which means controlling costs too.

  • Display food products to Attract Attention
  • Boost sales by great Visibility 
  • Reduce Food Waste and Control Costs

Your bakery case can be placed anywhere!  Being portable you can change the position, be it on a buffet table, or counter top. 
How can you maximise the return on your investment?

Display food products to Attract Attention

Present and Serve food in a clear airtight display case, and it immediately gives confidence.  Visibility sells 5 x times more food product.  Clear airtight bakery display cases allow your customers to see your food, choose and buy on impulse.

Boost sales by great Visibility 

Made from high-quality acrylic, food is easy to see, which attracts attention.  Confidence in the fact the food is covered.  No insects, flies, and no contamination from coughs, sneezes.

Having a solution to place on top of your countertop for your baked goods can help your guests to see the beauty of your creations and encourage them to buy your products.

Reduce Food Waste and Control Costs

Food waste is minimised because the food does not go stale.  You sell all the food, and no need to throw away pastries, loaves of bread.

We have clients who have paid for their bakery case over and over again, with the reduced food costs.

For all of your display and glass cabinet needs and the best in commercial food equipment, visit Top Shelf Concepts Bakery Display Cases.
Our countertop display options are durable, yet lightweight enough to be easily moved, accessed, and cleaned.

Turn to Top Shelf Concepts for the Best in Food Presentation Solutions

An innovative Food Presentation and Serving Solutions business located in Australia, Top Shelf Concepts has a wide variety of leading commercial catering equipment supplies.

At Top Shelf Concepts, we pride ourselves on offering the best products to enhance your culinary experience. As a family-owned and operated business with over two decades of experience, we’re a food service industry leader you can trust.

Shop for your next bakery display case and know you’ve got the best on your side. 

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