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How to market your restaurant in these current times of COVID-19

01 Jun 2020
reopen your business safely
Restrictions are lifting, and eating places are now allowed more people to dine in. But this is not worth the while of some restaurants, who normally budget for a lot more than that.

So, its important to see if you can compliment your current service, with other options.

Use these marketing tips to promote your business during this health crisis and find creative ways to boost your sales. Be creative with your offering, Don’t be paralysed, keep positive!

Perfect your presentation
Use BentoStyle boxes, napkin sets, wooden cutlery individually wrapped – Make the presentation of your dishes match the flavour. If it’s an Asian theme, use the click sticks, for chopsticks, instead of wooden cutlery!

This is an opportunity to perfect your signature dishes and deliver them to customers’ doorsteps. However, for many high-end restaurants, this era of takeaway food is unprecedented. If you’ve got the right food packaging, your presentation will still remain high quality, and your reputation un-tarnished.

Some high-end restaurants have already done this – they’re turning favourites into delivery dishes in our BentoStyle sustainable disposables. Being stackable, they take no room, and are fast to fill and serve.

Promote your business
Update your online presence, making your website as easy as possible to use!

Utilise home delivery apps. Focus on your menu online. Keep it simple. This also allows customers to choose ‘contactless’ delivery, meaning the food will be left on the doorstep with customers notified that it has arrived.

Load your takeaway menu onto your website
If your takeaway menu is different to your dine-in one, make sure you mention this on your website. Also, make it clear that YOU ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Activate Google and Social Media Channels
Ensure you’ve claimed and optimised your Google MyBusiness profile to help locals find your business. Add your takeaway menu, enticing food photography, and the link to your website to make it more effective.

Social media also offers an opportunity to promote your new takeaway or food delivery option. Publish an announcement post and ask your customers and fellow local businesses to support you by sharing it. Use the hashtag #supportyourlocal to make your posts more visible to Instagram users.

Optimise your digital spaces
Whether it’s your blog, website, or third party sites where you’re listed, make sure they’re fully optimised. Refine your SEO and B2C marketing strategy to ensure your content is as visible as possible. Update old information (this is important and often gets overlooked!).

Community partnerships and PR – Buy LOCAL!
There is a lot of community spirit right now. If you’re a sustainable business, you could receive free support from local organisations such as Plastic Free Places or media outlets. Reach out to your local newspaper and let them know you’re still operating and have launched takeaway or a food delivery service. Local stories and good news go a long way right now.

Make your brand a memory
Make the most of your delivery bag by popping in a copy of your menu or contact details on a fridge magnet so customers can easily re-order. You could even include a special offer to encourage this, or a personalised note thanking them for supporting your business.

Communicate health and safety standards
In times like these, people are hypersensitive about health and safety measures. It can be a good idea to communicate your practices to your customers to avoid concerns. This is your moment to define what sets you apart from other businesses. Ask yourself:

Brand: Have you chosen the best packaging for your signature dishes? Does the packaging reflect your business ethos?

Alternate revenue streams: Can you sell cook books, gift cards, or host live-streaming cooking shows?

Further cost savings: Have you exhausted all cost efficiencies, e.g. could a compost bin help you reduce your general waste bills.
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