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The importance of covering your food

06 Aug 2021
Food presentation

Food presentation is like giving a promise to your customers with just a glimpse. For hotels and restaurants, choosing the right tableware and buffet equipment is imperative, as they not only help to present the food in a more attractive way but they also add personality to the establishment.

Perception is a key aspect of a successful dining experience. Apart from taste, customers are dependent upon their sight to judge their food and decide whether or not it is worth spending their money at a venue. Good food presentation gives the impression to customers that the food you are serving them is of high quality, depending on the presentation, most people are willing to pay a higher price for well-garnished, covered dishes and beautifully presented dishes, as they give them the impression to be tastier, safer and healthier.

The biggest mistake we can make in the age of social media is to not maintain the aesthetics of the food we are presenting. When one customer loves your food presentation, they are more likely to take a picture of their meal and post on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, this phenomenon open doors and opportunities for hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues to grow their exposure and attract new customers whilst staying relevant to their customer base.

There is no reason for people to not share and like what they find visually appealing. There is great satisfaction in seeing your customers taking and sharing pictures of your food on social media, the easiest and most effective way of advertising your venue or service.

Food Presentation is Safety

Food presentation is also a science, especially during these covid times it is imperative to include hygiene and safety measures when presenting your food. Here are some ideas you should start implementing if you would like your venue to stay relevant and meet the highest hygiene standards to protect your food, customers and staff.

Cover your food with Sneeze guards to avoid the risk of infection through droplets, sneeze guards allow for people to appreciate the food you are serving and keep your food safe. Customers will feel more at ease knowing that their safety is your priority.

In our fast-paced world grab and go snacks and sweets such as brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts, bagels, muffins and bread loaves are best sellers. Beautify the display arrangement and keep your baked goods fresh with bakery display cases that keep dust, insects, bacteria and airborne germs out while catching the eye of everyone that passes by. Now it is easy to attract your customers attention with our tiered clear acrylic display cases and make them want to come back for more.

Implement these food presentation techniques, do not be afraid to experiment in different ways and witness how your hospitality venue grows in customers and popularity.
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