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The Top 7 Tips for Creating an Elegant Buffet Table Display for Any Event

30 Aug 2022
The Top 7 Tips for Creating an Elegant Buffet Table Display for Any Event

From choosing an inspiring theme to promoting the event:

A ton goes into planning a successful event!
If you’re in charge of planning the festivities, setting an elegant buffet table might not be front of mind, but it can certainly set the tone for the entire evening (or day).
As you consider elevating your guests’ dining experience with different buffet styles and concepts and perhaps look to get more out of your buffet display equipment, we’re here to help.

What Types of Display Equipment Does Every Buffet Need?

Some great display equipment to include in your buffet involve:

1. Never underestimate the power of décor.

Consider buffet decor and Buffet Accessories your new best friend. They’re there to help you enhance your table display and make things more aesthetically pleasing.
Buffet display equipment can also be used to:

  • Create an attractive presentation.
  • Make serving easier, and faster
  • Show off your cooking skills.
  • Reduce food waste
  • Give height and visibility using risers
  • Help guests decide which foods with clear labelling

2. Carefully thought out food placement

One thing to keep in mind with buffets is that guests tend to grab more of the first few dishes.
So, be more strategic with your food placements. Place the least expensive food at the front and the more costly dishes near the end.
Also, consider how the different foods complement one another and group them in a way that makes everything more inviting and attractive.

3. Play with buffet height

Playing with the heights of your dishes is a great way to add dimension to your buffet table. You can do this by adding a centrepiece that’s elevated from the rest of the food dishes.
Be mindful of the types of food you choose to add height to. If it’s a messy dish, it may spill on the tablecloth.
Buffet rises and stands are a cost-effective way to get more dimension from your table as well.

4. Always stage your dishes and bowls first

Staging is a must if you want to get the most out of your Buffet Display Equipment.
Taking the time to strategically layout all the components will give you a clear visualisation of the buffet and help you see where all the food should go.
You want to use your staging and placement as a tool to avoid overcrowding and enhance the accessibility of the food and plates.

Successful buffet styles and concepts are just as much about the aesthetic as the traffic flow.
A successful flow is created by choosing a technique that complements the space and the individual.
You can go with a circle concept, where guests move around the dishes in a circle pattern.
Another go-to setup would be the traditional line-up.
This is a great way to Easily Direct Traffic and keep your food dishes lined up and neat.

Sneeze guards are a must-have buffet display equipment tool that allows you to protect the food and the guests at your event. The best part?
They don’t need to take away from the look or style of your buffet table.

Sneeze guards can complement the overall look and provide a more elevated feel when used correctly. But don’t go overboard!
We recommend using them over warm or main dishes.
After you’ve mastered the layout, you’ll see where the Sneezeguards for Buffet Tables would work best.

If you provide them directly in your food displaces, you can get creative with the food pairings and have fun with the look. This is also an easy solution for buffets with more finger foods and easy-to-grab foods available.

7. Don't forget napkins and utensils

When you think about buffet display equipment, you probably only have your mind on the food and display items. However, the presentation of your napkins and utensils can make or break your display. Keeping them tidy in a holder is ideal.

For starters, ensure all your napkins are folded neatly and easy to grab for individuals. You want to ensure these are easy to grab and go. This way, it won’t slow down the line or risk messing up the setup.

Next, consider where you want to place your utensils. You can have them in one dedicated place at the end of your buffet or provide the utensils directly in your food displays.

Master The Art of The Elegant Buffet Table Display

Ready to upgrade your buffet table display? We have you covered!
At Top Shelf Concepts, we have all the buffet display equipment you need to enhance your guest experience and improve your food presentation.
Our huge range of professional buffet equipment features everything you need to display buffet food perfectly, from serving platters, dishes and trays to stylish food display stands, baskets and Sneeze Guards for Buffet Tables.

Explore our Collection of Food Presentation items today!


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