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Win This Christmas Season: Showcase Your Skills and Knowledge to Increase Your Profits.

20 Oct 2020
Win This Christmas Season: Showcase Your Skills and Knowledge to Increase Your Profits.

All year round we’ve heard these three words over and over again: “pivot”, “adapt”, and “transform” … so much that we can say that they are the staple words of 2020, along with of course “we are all in this together”.

Yes, we know that this year has tested our creativity and ability to navigate through chaos and change… but things are getting back to (sort of) normal in the country and people are feeling more confident and eager to dine out and socialise again.

Specially during the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, it is said that there would be more activity in the market as customers are eager to celebrate with their friends and family and reunite with their loved ones.

Therefore, hospitality industry professionals are presented with the best business opportunity of the year and if done right it can be a great season to increase your profits and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

We’ve already had plenty of months to learn on how to present food in a safe and hygienic way, we are also transforming our staple dishes to be able to offer them in takeaway version for our customers. Now it is the time to apply all of what you’ve learnt this year and combine it with your very own unique culinary talents to deliver a memorable dining experience for our customers.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to win more business this Christmas season:

Appeal to corporates and SME’s businesses. They would probably not be organizing any big office parties this year, reach out to them and offer hosting small dinners for different groups of employees to comply with the numbers restrictions or if they are planning to host a zoom party, offer to deliver individually served dinner packs to each employee so they can enjoy while virtually getting together.

Organize virtual wine or cheese tasting meetings. You supply the food, wine and nibbles ready for the scheduled zoom meeting where you can talk more about each aspect of the food you’ve selected for the occasion.

Host a virtual cooking class. People are already looking for an alternative way to unite with their friends, so why not teaching a cooking class for your customers to follow in the comfort of their own home? To increase your profits, you can offer to deliver the necessary ingredients to their doorstep.

Advertise for Christmas catering services. Help your customers enjoy their Christmas celebrations while you cook for them, you can choose to cook at their place or offer a ready to eat meal pack which they only need to heat up and serve.

Create food hampers or grazing boxes for your customers to purchase for their loved ones, they can be full with sweet or savoury goods, and if presented well they can put a smile on anyone’s face! Remember to advertise these products/services ahead of time so your customers are able to plan ahead and have your offering in mind prior to Christmas.

So there you have it, delighting your customers in the new normality is easier than you might think, it is just a matter of showcasing your skills and talent, presenting your food in a beautiful, hygienic and convenient way and promoting your offering ahead of time so your customers have enough time to make their purchase decision.

For beautiful food presentation and packaging solutions, contact us! Our team of expert advisors would love to help you create a food concept that delights your customers and generates word of mouth and repeat business.

We want to hear from you, do you already have a plan to increase your profits this Christmas festive season? Let us know in the comments below!

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