Buffet Food Risers

Best Selling Buffet risers for Food Presentation Buffet and Catering

Great starter kits, modular risers and surfaces, make for mix and match pieces from the Rosseto® line of fully compatible and configurable risers, surfaces, platters, warming stations, cooler trays and more.
Multi-Level Risers, and Surfaces are fantastic when you just need a small food station, for a breakfast buffet, a boardroom lunch, or in conferencing, and the beauty of using Top Shelf Concept’s Rosseto® range, is that you can transform using the same for your lobby, or mini bar, right the way through to a buffet. Effectively use space with vertical and horizontal serving.
Food Safe surfaces that can be easily refreshed.  Elements that can be combined to suit different styles and spaces enabling you to maximise your buffet presentation.