Chafers and Grills

Our range of premium chafers and grills is superior to any other in the market.  Made from stainless steel, these products are made to last.

With an innovative and superior design to suit your individual needs. Choose from our wide range of finishes available: stainless steel, bronze, black and more!  This range of chafer stands is highly versatile because of its reversible burners stand.  The stands can also be transformed into cooling stands therefore you have the option to serve hot or ice cold food on them. Grill racks are also available to put on top of the chafer stands for a different type of set up.  T

his range of chafers and grills is very sturdy to stand the heavy use but also lightweight for easy storage and set up.  All our buffet display products are in stock in Australia with same day dispatch for your convenience. Use surfaces to connect units together and create versatile stations.   

Adapt to cooling, or with wooden boards The burner or chafer stands are rugged and durable with multiple serving levels.  The perfect equipment for a seamless and attractive breakfast service