Melamine Serving Bowls

Melamine serving bowls and deep plates. Present your salads, pasta, or grab and go food with stylish and elegant serving bowls and deep plates. Melamine is a highly durable material, therefore you don't have to worry about your bowls breaking or chipping. Also, our melamine serving bowls and deep plates are lightweight, easy to carry and wash. Designed for Banqueting Operations with all the practicalities and sustainability required for Chefs elevating their presentation. Your food will have a greater impact on the plate, because the colours will stand out against the bowls surface. Bowls are practical additions that are designed for fine dining and premium food presentation. Eliminate slippage, breakage , loss and keep your costs down in line with your usages. Bowls provide an ideal vessel for combining a number of culinary elements to create a true experience. This range features beautiful crockery items, which are perfect to elevate your buffet or deli display. Melamine serving bowls are almost impossible to chip or break, making them a great long term investment decision for your business. Made to last, this collection of serving bowls will make your food look great every time and on any occasion.